Safe Streets

Cars, trains, buses, bikes, scooters, and pedestrians are all pieces of our district’s transportation puzzle. We need to advance a system of transportation equity which supports all New Yorkers, regardless of how they choose to travel. Furthermore, we must work to swiftly combat the aggression, reckless behavior and inattentiveness that perpetuates dangerous behaviors on our READ MORE


The ability to secure and maintain employment is vital. Amber is committed to using her district office to provide assistance with professional development. Additionally, once elected, Amber will expand internship opportunities to young people who often struggle to find employment that will lead to long-term professional development Amber will launch a community projects to help READ MORE

Hate Crimes

Amber Adler is a fixture in the fight against hate and bigotry. She has worked in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes (2019/2020) and received a proclamation from the New York State Assembly for her continued efforts in combating “hate, bigotry and racism”. Amber’s efforts have included publicly denouncing individual READ MORE

Education (K-12)

Educating children is vital task within every community. Amber supports investing in students and believes that every classroom should be fully funded. She feels that a classroom succeeds when it produces both measurable education-based results and inspired minds. This winning combination is what creates the next generation of creative problem solvers. “Education is imperative and READ MORE

Affordable Housing

Across the district, both property owners and renters are being priced out. Homeowners face rising property taxes which are often passed on to renters. Families who have lived in Southern Brooklyn for generations are forced to choose between leaving their families and friends or paying unsustainable housing costs. Amber understands the growing costs and will READ MORE