Affordable Housing

Across the district, both property owners and renters are being priced out. Homeowners face rising property taxes which are often passed on to renters. Families who have lived in Southern Brooklyn for generations are forced to choose between leaving their families and friends or paying unsustainable housing costs. Amber understands the growing costs and will fight for residents to be able to afford to continue to live in Southern Brooklyn.

For Tenants

Amber will continue to advocate for tenant rights. She will also fight to ensure that building residents are given the right to expand as they grow their family. This could mean as they have children or as a relative, such as a parent, needs to move in to be taken care of. Amber will create policy that will require building tenants to be notified, in writing, of an upcoming vacancy in their apartment building. Currently, in our area, many renters have been trying to rent a larger apartment in their current building for years but are continuously left out of the loop and miss the chance to even apply. Amber will bring transparency to this piece of the housing market.

Amber will create policy which gives apartment applicants the right to written response when denied an apartment. The housing market is already tough and we must end discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, marital status, etc.

Amber will create policy to help long-term tenants in rent stabilized apartments and affordable housing locations receive a new oven at least once every 7 years and a new refrigerator once per 10 years. This policy will elevate home safety conditions for tenants in neighborhoods across the city and help provide tenants with a right to safe appliances. Tenants will still have the right to purchase their own appliances.

For Homeowners

For homeowners, Amber knows the hard work that goes into a home purchase and she wants to ensure that residents are always able to stay in their homes. Amber will expand the reach of the property tax workshops to save money for people in the area.

Amber will also create policy that gives qualified residents the ability to deduct a portion of the costs for security upgrades. This would include such upgrades as lighting and security cameras. This benefits both the homeowner and their neighbors as well.

Across the area, homeowners, and other property owners, deal with the challenges of unmaintained sidewalks. These are hazardous conditions for people of all ages. Whether its a busy area, full of foot traffic or a quiet street, home and property owners deserve the peace of mind that can be acquired by fixing sidewalks that have been broken or elevated by tree roots. Amber’s office will work with city agencies to immediately repair unmaintained sidewalks and other hazardous conditions that impact properties across the district.

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Amber Adler will fight for families to stay together by keeping our neighborhoods affordable. Elect @AmberAdlerNYC to New York City Council ! #VOTEAmberAdler

Amber Adler knows what residents want and need to keep the community safe. She will create policy that gives qualified residents the ability to deduct a portion of the costs for security upgrades.

@AmberAdlerNYC is fighting for the rights of tenants like me! Support her campaign for New York City Council ! #Brooklyn #VOTEAmberAdler

Homeowners are community investors and @AmberAdlernyc plans to help them by expanding the resources available. Elect @AmberAdlerNYC to New York City Council ! #VOTEAmberAdler