For over two decades, Amber Adler has been helping communities grow. She has volunteered at soup kitchens, raised money and paved the way for mother’s of young children that want to participate in their community. Her altruistic endeavors and interfaith efforts has also inspired political figures (on both sides of the aisle) to take notice of the organizations and causes that she supports and begin to help them as well.

Community Engagement

Standing up for the Chinese Community

In Solidarity with the Ukraine

Providing Resources & Allocating Money

United with the Pakistani Community

Supporting Spanish-Speaking Communities

Advocating for the Jewish Community

Combating Antisemitism

United for the Black Community

Rallying for Awareness: End Gun Violence

Protecting the Environment

Advocating for Kids

Volunteering in the Community

Rallying for Jewish Women

Supporting & Honoring Veterans

Safe Streets

Supporting Business

Supporting Older Adults (Seniors)

Producing Giveaways

Honored for Efforts & Featured on Billboards across NYC