Small Business

Small businesses make neighborhoods shine. In Southern Brooklyn, this includes a bevy of longstanding mom and pop shops. These charming locations are packed with character, decades of fond memories and vibrant history. Amber will fight hard and succeed for small business by supporting and creating stable policy to impact positive economic growth in the district. READ MORE


Amber will work to enrich the lives of seniors in the district. Southern Brooklyn is a naturally occurring retirement community with the highest proportion of seniors in the borough. Seniors must be able to age in-place within the community: safely, affordably, and conveniently, with dignity and peace of mind. Amber knows the importance of having access to a READ MORE

Public Safety

Public Safety is vital for the well-being of our community. Amber supports a multi-tier approach to reestablishing everyday safety. She believes we must respond swiftly to crime in our district, work to prevent repeat offenders and educate to engage students in grades K-12, to prevent youth from going down the wrong path. This prevention includes READ MORE

Safe Streets

Cars, trains, buses, bikes, scooters, and pedestrians are all pieces of our district’s transportation puzzle. We need to advance a system of transportation equity which supports all New Yorkers, regardless of how they choose to travel. Furthermore, we must work to swiftly combat the aggression, reckless behavior and inattentiveness that perpetuates dangerous behaviors on our READ MORE

Quality of Life

Amber is dedicated to providing the highest Quality of Life to district residents. That is why she has created a campaign platform focused on common denominators. Amber’s approach to helping the community is focused on achieving measurable results. She understands that elevating the community by focusing on the shared needs of the community is an READ MORE


The ability to secure and maintain employment is vital. Amber is committed to using her district office to provide assistance with professional development. Additionally, once elected, Amber will expand internship opportunities to young people who often struggle to find employment that will lead to long-term professional development Amber will launch a community projects to help READ MORE

Health Care

As the daughter of a nurse, Amber grew up around a daily flow of information relating to the failings of the healthcare system. She witnessed her mother, a nurse, and former Director of Clinical Services come home emotionally drained and depleted from fighting to help her patients navigate loopholes that many times led to medical READ MORE