Public Safety

Public Safety is vital for the well-being of our community. Amber supports a multi-tier approach to reestablishing everyday safety. She believes we must respond swiftly to crime in our district, work to prevent repeat offenders and educate to engage students in grades K-12, to prevent youth from going down the wrong path. This prevention includes expanding anti-bullying education. Amber has personally felt the parenting pain of consoling a child that was heavily bullied. Children must be protected from this kind of unnecessary trauma that can impact their overall development.

Amber will increase Public Safety

Amber will support local precincts, in New York City Council District 48, with their crime response efforts, as applicable. She will also support community centers and resources that encourage and foster participants ability to excel. Amber understands that building strong communities starts with positive interactions. Therefore she will continue to work to promote unity and foster relationships beyond the existing scope. This includes launching community-based projects and initiatives that push back against stereotypes, discrimination and slander against our community members.

Amber would also introduce policy that would pay for qualifying home owners to make security upgrades to their property. This would be proposed to begin as a pilot program in our district. If passed – the resident minded safety feature could help make our neighborhoods a great deal more safe in many ways. One way is by acting as a significant resource for catching criminals moving through the streets of our district. This can also help combat the on-going cycle of vehicle break-in’s that happen within the district. Furthermore, this strategic safety feature could discover locations where we don’t know criminal activity is occurring. All while helping people learn more about successful safety measures and ways to address hyper-local safety concerns within their personal perimeters and immediate areas.

* For information relating to gun control, hate crimes and antisemitism please visit their individual issue section.

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