Amber will work to enrich the lives of seniors in the district. Southern Brooklyn is a naturally occurring retirement community with the highest proportion of seniors in the borough. Seniors must be able to age in-place within the community: safely, affordably, and conveniently, with dignity and peace of mind. Amber knows the importance of having access to a broad range of health, transportation and social services to support seniors and their families. Amber will continue to support vital programs and high-quality services for seniors that enable them to stay healthy, get around safely and conveniently, and generally lead active and productive lives.

Amber will heavily support senior centers, senior transportation services and home delivery food resources. She will also fight elder abuse by creating and supporting policy that stops seniors from being neglected or financially abused.

“My grandmother was the leader of our entire family. She taught me the importance of respecting my elders and as your next City Council member, I will do that even more through protective policy and additional local resources.

Amber Adler, Candidate For New York City Council

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I am voting for Amber Adler for New York City Council because she values older adults and will fight to protect them! #VoteAmberAdler #NYCcouncil #NYpolitics

Amber Adler will increase funding to local seniors centers and bring in more resources that help older adults in their daily lives. #VoteAmberAdler #NYPolitics