During the height of the pandemic in early 2020, Amber secured and distributed masks across Southern Brooklyn.

As COVID-19 surged in New York City, a PPE shortage left both essential workers and area residents unable to protect themselves. Amber Adler secured 1,000’s of surgical masks and donated them to both front line workers and to area residents. She also distributed approximately 1,600+ boxes of food per week, provided school supplies to 100 local school age children (twice), did weekly wellness calls to senior citizens and teamed up with a local restaurant to bring dinner to essential workers. She also launched a multi-language education-based campaign to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Amber and her children Shmuel and Yaakov Adler distributed masks during the height of the pandemic.

Amber also publicly defended both the Asian Community and the Jewish community as a plethora of misinformation, relating to these communities, began to spread. Amber created educational events and did press interviews, to debunk rumors.

Following the height of the pandemic, Amber secured over $100,000 in ERAP funds for local residents that were behind on rent payments. She also continued to help distribute food to those in need. As some pop-up distribution centers closed, she connected those clients still in need to other distribution locations.

Amber and her family teamed up with Bravo Pizza and essential workers, such as the 61st Precinct Dinner and PPE, when supplies were down.

As time moved on, and the next waves of COVID-19 moved through the city and local community, Amber continued to provide support and match people with resources. This altruistic work helped the community and as Amber maintained her boots on the ground approach, she was able to address local concerns and guide residents quicker than other outlets.

Moving Forward

Amber and her children Shmuel and Yaakov were highlighted on the “Coronavirus Heroes” campaign by Care:Work billboards across LINK NYC. Photos by Anna Rathkopf, Rathkopf Photography.

With Covid-19 variants continuing to cause sporadic periods of uncertainty across NYC, residents grow frustrated and emotionally drained.

Moving forward, Amber believes that we must continue to give assistance, as needed, to New York City residents that have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This includes assisting residents, which are dealing with new or exasperated mental health conditions that were a result of pandemic related stress.

Amber knows that safety comes first. Amber supports sensible safety precautions in times of crisis. This includes securing our city’s future by creating streamlined data collection methods. This also includes connecting agency data bases by category with full access that is only available in times of crisis.

This continuity will not only help keep New Yorker’s safe but also save time and taxpayer dollars that have previously be spent paying for repetitive actions. We must maximize our efforts and streamline systems. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Track and Trace programs used data collection methods and created databases that both were not connected. If a family of 3 tested positive for COVID-19, they may receive 6-8 calls per day for a quarantine period of 12 days. Many times, orders for city-funded PPE were taken by these workers but never showed up to the individual or family. This system was set up as a reactive approach. Amber will proactively work to create a streamlined approach, which will connect our city like never before. This system will both benefit New Yorker’s health and preserve city monies.

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