Lunch with Veterans at Fort Hamilton

Amber Adler is the daughter of a veteran and born into a family full of veterans whose exemplary service dates back hundreds of years. She understands and is deeply concerned for the needs of our heroic community members.

Amber knows that veterans have transferable skills, and they should be able to utilize these skills in the community. Their efforts to integrate into civilian life should be met with dignified and respectful assistance. All veterans should have access to first-rate healthcare and other vital resources. As the next council member for this district, Amber will assist veterans and their families with a wide range of resources and specialized help.

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I’m voting for Amber Adler because she supports integrating veterans into civilian life with dignified and respectful assistance. #VoteAmberAdler #NYPolitics

Amber is the daughter of a veteran and from a family filled with generations of veterans. She knows the importance & the price of serving this country. #VoteAmberAdler