Women’s Rights

The future starts today but the fight for women’s rights began many years ago. Unfortunately, the steps forward were not without steps backward.

Women must have resources unique to them. They must be able to achieve equal pay for equal work. Amber Adler herself financially suffered at the hand of employers that paid her less than her male co-workers in similar and less demanding positions. Amber understands what it means to hit glass ceilings and will fight for the ability of women across the district to be able to keep moving up their professional ladder.

Amber will launch a special Women’s business incubator program to help women launch or develop their own businesses. This can help all women across the district but it will especially serve those women with caretaking responsibilities that need to make their own hours and work from home, or primarily from home.

Amber supports family leave for new parents.

Amber pledges to always provide resources which empower women economically and socially. Amber will continue to take a strong stand against domestic violence. Her office will also work with as much discretion as needed to accommodate the needs of anyone seeking to leave an abusive relationship.

Amber Adler featured in Vogue Magazine

Amber is still fighting for women suffering at the hand of coercive control. This effort seeks to help all women suffering. It also specifically relates to Agunahs which means a Jewish woman refused a Get (Jewish Divorce). Her efforts now also include protecting Jewish Women from being forced to pay a sum of money to receive a Get. Previously, she has publicly supported a bill on the state level that would make coercive control a Class E felony. She is working on items related to that at this time. More information is set to be disclosed at a later date, likely to be in early 2023.

Women’s reproductive health. Amber supports affordable access to birth control and reproductive healthcare for all women. As an Orthodox Jewish woman and significantly trusted public figure amongst Jewish Women in Southern Brooklyn – Amber has heard countless stories of women in many circumstances and rabbinic responses. In a well-received 2021 interview with Hamodia she said, ”I believe that people should be able to make decisions for themselves in consultation with their own religious or moral leader, as needed.”

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I’m voting for Amber Adler because she will always be available to provide resources which empower women economically and socially.

Amber will launch a special Women’s Business Incubator to help women develop their own businesses. #VoteAmberAdler #NYpolitics