Special Need Services

As the mother of two children with IEP’s, Amber Adler has fiercely fought to demand quicker turn around on IEP Services. From diagnosis to securing service there exists too great of a gap time. As your next city council member, this will be a priority. Amber will also fight for parents that are having challenges securing appropriate services such as those receiving an increase in individual ”out of class” sessions instead of an in-class P3. The inability for a child to receive the care they need can set that child back years. Amber will fight to protect children and keep children connected to the resources they need to develop.

Amber supports the right to appropriate education for children at every level. The public school system needs a major upgrade to meet the needs of many children that receive services for their special needs. Until that overhaul is completed, children must be able to access the services and full support that they need in a time sensitive manner.

Amber Adler earned a certificate in Behavior Therapy from BACB and worked in two Executive positions in the autism field. She worked as the Chief of Staff for the International Center for Autism Research and Education. In this position, she developed a successful grant writing department and played a key role in developing the organizations first annual international autism conference in Israel. She also connected with top researchers from across the globe to create published materials focused on the latest research developments and more. Later, she worked as the Director of Marketing for an autism service provider, where her primary focuses where securing highly qualified BCAB’s and RBT’s to provide in-home service for clients and helping those not qualified for in-home service become qualified.

These years of professional experience have provided Amber with both the insight and capability to secure results. Amber understands the problems that community members with special needs face. She will succeed in delivering vital results for them.

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Amber Adler is the mother of two children with IEP’s. She understands the struggle and knows what children need to succeed. #VoteAmberAdler #NYpolitics

I’m voting for Amber Adler because she is the only candidate that has and will continue to fight for kids with special needs. #VoteAmberAdler #NYpolitics