Education (K-12)

Educating children is vital task within every community. Amber supports investing in students and believes that every classroom should be fully funded. She feels that a classroom succeeds when it produces both measurable education-based results and inspired minds. This winning combination is what creates the next generation of creative problem solvers.

“Education is imperative and I am going to fight to fund the schools in our district like no council member ever has!”

Amber Adler, Candidate for New York City Council
Amber helped organize a presentation at James Madison High School with Project Witness and Holocaust survivors to educate students on the first recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day in NYC.

Amber supports continuing to expand 3-K and Universal Pre-K locations in southern Brooklyn. She also supports manageable classroom sizes so teachers can spend additional one on one time with students. Amber knows that quality education is a time sensitive need. More so now due to the pandemic which caused many students to fall behind. Specifically, many of the areas youngest learners are behind in social skill development due to less in-person learning.

Amber supports a decrease in classroom size, an increase of technology available within each classroom and an increase in after school programs and childcare. Amber supports Gifted and Talented programs. She also strongly supports the expansion of experience based learning opportunities. Additionally, she supports both school safety officers and social workers, which are vital to spur emotional growth. Amber would like to add a mental health room to each school in the district without such a space. This area would act as a mental health resource for kids and families.

Free Lunch for Every Student

A child cannot properly learn on an empty stomach. Amber supports free school lunch for all NYC students, including children with dietary restrictions. She has rallied and advocated for this important program since its inception. Once elected, Amber’s district office will help locations that having difficulties registering for the program. Then every school in the district that would like to be a part of this program, can provide students with a free standard, kosher or halal lunch, as applicable.

Amber Adler with elected and other community leaders rallying for free kosher and halal food for student lunches.

Yeshiva Education

Amber’s children, Shmuel and Yaakov Adler, have grown up going to Yeshiva.

Yeshiva Education is relied upon by many of the residents within the District and across Brooklyn. Amber understands the many layers of yeshiva life and is right there in the struggle to balance it all with thousands of parents across the district. From finding the right fit to balancing the heavy price tag of a yeshiva education to the essential role it places in the child rearing of a Jewish child. Amber’s two children attend an Orthodox Yeshiva.

Amber is AGAINST excessive oversight in private education. She shares the same stance on government involvement in Yeshiva education as Agudath Israel of America. Amber does NOT believe in a broad brush stroke solution and supports addressing problems on a CASE BY CASE basis.

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I’m voting for Amber Adler because she will fight for funding for our schools and make sure that our kids have the opportunities they need for a better future! #VoteAmberAdler

I’m voting for Amber Adler because she is an Orthodox Jewish single mom that understands and supports local Yeshivas!

Amber Adler supports the expansion of experience based learning opportunities. #VoteAmberAdler