Disability Access

Riding public transit, safely navigating busy streets and sidewalks, entering local stores—activities that many of us take for granted—can be a substantial challenge to seniors and people with disabilities. Amber will advocate for breaking down the barriers that separates people by physical ability to give all area residents the access and freedom to safely and conveniently enjoy the best of what our communities have to offer.

Amber will focus on fine tuning our areas capacity to accommodate the personal mobility needs of disabled members of the community. She will work with local businesses to ensure that they are able to make accommodations, as needed. This includes expanding doorways on older buildings, adding ramps or converting short sets of steps to ramps, as needed.

Amber knows the vital necessity of having an elevator at every train station and will work to accomplish that for the district. Therefore she supports the planned elevator addition at the Sheepshead Bay B/Q station and will continue to fight for all train stations in the district to have an elevator

Amber will also work with community organizations and relevant parties to improve door to door transportation options. Ultimately, aiming to expand access and capabilities for community members unable to commute as easily due to physical constraints.

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Amber will work to accommodate the personal mobility needs of the disabled. #VoteAmberAdler for New York City Council !

Amber will advocate for breaking down the barriers that separate people by ability ! #VoteAmberAdler for New York City Council