Animal Friendly

In 2021, Amber and family adopted a small, long-haired chihuahua from Animal Haven in Manhattan, New York.

Southern Brooklyn is home to a bevy of beloved pets, wildlife and other animals. Amber believes in the ethical treatment of animals and will be an ally for her constituents beloved cats, dogs, birds and other pets. She will also support local wildlife and fight to maintain their coastal habitats.

Amber will support policy that benefits residents with service and/or companion animals. As your next Council Member, her office will also provide support for residents seeking to register their pet as a service animal.

Amber is in favor of adding a dog run to the district that will allow residents who cannot commute to the Manhattan Beach Dog Park, to have another option. This will also facilitate an area where community members can positively interact and unite based upon their shared interests. This will also be a great outlet for the many senior dog owners.

Additionally, there are currently tens of thousands of feral cats across New York City. These feral cats are not socialized or vaccinated for disease. Amber agrees that we must monitor this population from both a health perspective and to prevent exponential growth of feral cats. Therefore, Amber supports the Trap and Release of Feral Cats program.

Amber will also work to ensure environmental standards are met in order to protect our coastal wildlife population. In recent years, Amber has advocated alongside Assembly member Mathylde Frontus and other community leaders to save the estuary at Coney Island Creek. This current location is all that is left of what was previously a vast 3,000 acre salt marsh estuary. The effort to save the current estuary, habitat and local wildlife was a success.

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I support Amber Adler because she stands up for animals!
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I’m voting for Amber because she helped save the estuary!
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I support Amber Adler because she fights for what is right for voters and their pets too!
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