Political Journey

At the young age of 16, Amber Adler realized that she wanted to help people by creating good policy to safeguard them from the bumpy road of life.

Presently, she has sought election to the New York City Council on two occasions: initially as a candidate in the Democratic primary, and subsequently as the Democratic Nominee.

2021. Primary Election for City Council

2021 Candidate for New York City Council

Amber Adler broke stereotypes when she announced her candidacy for New York City Council District 48. She competed against 5 other candidates in the Primary Election. The race was held during the first year of “Rank Choice Voting”.

2023. Primary Election. General Election.

Ready to Run… again.

New York City Council candidate Amber Adler is no stranger to finding ways to connect with others amid public pressure to go away. As an Orthodox Jewish woman running for the southern Brooklyn District 48 seat, Adler weathered a barrage of messages attempting to discredit her campaign as she ran in 2021. When a group of men protested outside her home, she took her two sons to a local mall for the day… 

…When local news refused to publish her photo for religious reasons โ€“ a fairly common trend in Orthodox neighborhoods to not share photos of women and girls in the press โ€“ she had someone drive a billboard around the community featuring an image of herself and her children instead. Now, with Adler running to represent the largely Orthodox Jewish community a second time in 2023, sheโ€™s also once again finding non-traditional ways to get her name and work into the world โ€“ this time with a role in the Netflix reality series โ€œMy Unorthodox Life.โ€…

2024. Amber’s Advocacy Continues

2024 – Governor Kathy Hochul with Amber Adler, NYC Senator Brad Hoylman, Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal, Amy Cohen, other dedicated members of Families for Safe Streets and devoted advocates at the bill signing in Park Slope. Photo by Susan Watts/Office of Gov. Kathy Hochul.