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Advocacy x Advertisment

2020 – As the world learned about the COVID-19 outbreak, before anyone used the word pandemic, I realized we needed to stop the Asian Hate that was growing. I developed an event concept which paired Duke Sims of Shinobi Ninja (and, Snow Milk) with Lina Chan of Health Essential Association together for an outreach event. I pitched it to press, secured NYC coverage to help fight back against Asian hate while staying on brand for marketing purposes. Click the link to watch News 12 Coverage:

2021 – I believe the best things in life incorporate a way to help others. When the pandemic hit, I utilized my both my sourcing skills and community organizing skills to help people. This resonated big with press outlets because this is an authentic action. It was press worthy and not a press stunt to help during this global crisis. This effort landed my family the opportunity to be featured on two LINK NYC billboard campaigns.

Photos for the Link NYC Billboard Campaign are by Rathkopf Photography.


In 2004, nearly 20 years ago, I began my journey into trend-tracking on a corporate level, as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President and COO of a commodities Company on Park Avenue in New York City. Over the next few years I moved from daily commodity costs to utilizing keywords to boost Amazon content in You Tube videos by early 2006. In the initial stages of YouTube’s existence, I consistently maintained videos within the top 10 and top 20 rankings.

In 2006, I also utilized keywords and my self-taught, and group refined SEO skills to launch what would be come the Number-1 business group on the social platform My Space. Again, this was ahead of the curve and brought over 20,000 people together from across the country to discuss small to large scale business topics. One author included my page in his book, as you see in the screenshot I included.

Subsequently, I transitioned my focus to SEO, where I specialized in content coding for keyword-dense articles. By strategically promoting online circulation, I achieved significant organic growth for clients spanning various industries such as education, healthcare, fashion, and more. Today, with nearly 20 years of online experience – I understand the current trends and what it takes to create a viral reel, twitter post and talking point to generate both clicks and leeds.


2006 – 2008: I have been ahead of the curve for decades. In 2006, as Amazon developed the first e-reader, I was selected as one of 20 writers to create the first original content for Amazon’s launch of the Kindle. Other authors included Danielle Steel, Peter Stone, Jodi Picoult, John Lithgow and other top names. I was the first female author to be featured in a promo video on their website. And, I was the second author ever to be featured in a promo video their website.

From this venture, I became a best-selling author and went on to write other books and e-books. Please visit amazon to purchase titles that re still available today.

Brochures (Multi-language)

2023 – Created a multi-language, Tri-Fold Brochure for a Political Campaign. This 3-language brochure was a powerful tool for securing votes for the Democratic Nominee for New York City Council District 48.

Billboard (Moving)

2021 – This moving Billboard was designed to not only get immediate attention but to also generate press. It worked! Major news outlets covered this unique step. The Billboard ran for 2-weeks prior to election day. There was an original jingle which played out of the speakers and we included a geofencing device to broadcast our ads to local phones, tablets, etc.

Cover Design (printed weekly newspaper)

2023 – Wrap-around Cover designed for a political campaign. Printed in the November 3, 2023 edition of the Bay News (Schneps Media). This advertisement ran during the week of the election.

Values Marketing based cover design that was followed by a local issues based advertisement on page 2. Advertisement picked up a great deal of traction in part of the district than was expected.

Cover Design (printed Back Cover of niche market weekly newspaper)

2023 – Back Cover design for the Jewish Vues Weekly Newspaper. This advertisement succeeded in getting people excited about the kind of creative solutions that the candidate would offer the community, once elected.

Event Development (Grand Opening)

2019 – Developed, executed and managed all aspects of Grand Opening for Renaissance Express (Kings Highway & E. 16 St.). This fun event was packed with community leaders, local influencers, elected officials and families from around the area. Hired photographer, created press releases, pitched and secured press.

Event Development (Non-Profit Award Ceremony & Fundraiser)

2023 – Hannah Kosher Foods is a non-profit of over 20 years. They distribute ——- lbs of food every ——-. They came to me to help them make their first event. They wanted a fundraising component and an a special award ceremony to honor 50 local Holocaust Survivors. I trained their board and volunteers working on the event. I created their flyer and managed their even on the day of. I took photos for social media and a post-event press release.

Event Development (Holiday Dinner & Toy Giveaway)

2021 – Development, Sponsorships, Volunteer Recruitment, online promotion (social media design and strategic shares), RSVPs for a limited 125 guests, event execution, event management and post-event press by Amber Adler. Total Value of Event was approximately $10,000.

Lead Generation Success Stories

Optimized Websites for Conversion Excellence: Implemented strategic website optimizations to enhance user experience and drive lead conversions. Through data-driven analysis, achieved a significant increase in conversion rates, contributing to the overall success of lead generation campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Mastery: Executed targeted Social Media Marketing campaigns to generate high-quality leads. Leveraged platform-specific strategies to engage the target audience, resulting in a notable uptick in lead acquisition. Monitored and adapted campaigns based on performance analytics to continuously improve results.

Content Marketing for Lead Nurturing: Crafted compelling and relevant content to attract and nurture leads throughout the customer journey. Developed and implemented content marketing strategies that resonated with the audience, establishing the brand as a trusted resource and driving lead conversions.

Email Marketing Precision: Designed and executed effective Email Marketing campaigns to nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel. Utilized segmentation and personalized messaging to increase engagement and drive conversions. Achieved impressive open and click-through rates.

Active Participation in Resource Events: Engaged in resource events to connect directly with potential leads. Leveraged networking opportunities to establish meaningful connections and capture leads through in-person interactions.

Strategic Collaboration with Public Schools: Collaborated with public schools to create targeted initiatives that attracted prospective clients through their families. Implemented joint events and programs to increase brand awareness and generate leads interested in educational offerings.

Paid Online Advertising Mastery: Strategically managed Paid Online Advertising campaigns to drive targeted traffic and generate leads. Achieved cost-effective lead acquisition through meticulous campaign planning, execution, and continuous optimization.

Referral Program Success: Established and managed referral programs to capitalize on satisfied customers advocating for the brand. This approach significantly increased lead acquisition through word-of-mouth marketing.

Engaging Alumni for Sustainable Leads: Fostered strong relationships with University alumni to create a network of brand advocates. Leveraged alumni engagement to attract new leads through testimonials, outreach events, and collaborative initiatives.

Logo (redesign)

Original 2021 Campaign Logo.
2023 updated Campaign Logo

Redesigned the 2021 campaign logo for the 2023 campaign. The team wanted something more fun and informative that could also be used on the T-Shirts for workers and volunteers. The logo on the left is the original 2021 design. The logo on the right is the updated design.



T-Shirt Design

Selection of 2024 T-Shirt Designs

Selection of Release Them! Bring Them Home Now Collection Clothing Designs

2023 – This political shirt was designed to be multi-functional. The primary goal was to brand, inform and interact. The QR code proved to be eye catching. These shirts were used for promotional events, door knocking, donor gifts and by volunteers at poll sites on election day. *They were printed in sky blue by a local union printshop.


2014 – Client sought a city-style website to promote his radio talk show. He wanted past shows to also be available. He also asked that the website provide some resources for people to become more civically engaged. Client was happy with the design and referred me to another client.

  • While there are more recent options to select, I chose this because this was made in 2014 and the design was ahead of its time.