O.F.O.N: String of Consciousness

Released by Bryber Books, 2006

Released by Bryber Books, 2006

Amber [Gristak] takes on everything from prejudices and stereotypes to one night stands and recycling ex-boyfriends in her compilation O.F.O.N: ‘String of Consciousness.’


The young writer’s impressive insight has stunned and will continue to stun readers. Amber wrote the contents of this collection between ages 12 and 21. The thoughts and contents are far ahead of the age. This book proves age is a number and not  a divider.

Endorsed by…

DMC of RUN DMC, Rebekka Johnson of MTV’s Boiling Points,

Dean Edwards of Saturday Night Live and Ryan Hall of Z-100


A Look inside the Book Release Party – 2006

A glimpse inside the Book Release party held at Moomia in New York City. The event was sponsored by Bryber Books, Subway, Papa Johns Pizza, Iceberg Vodka, BuzzWater, Skin Milk, Sea Breeze and Rula PR.