Affordable Housing, Childcare, Covid-19 Recovery, Education (K-12), Educational Advancement, Environment, Hate Crimes, Health Care, Immigrant Services, Jobs, Quality of Life, Safe Streets, Seniors, Small Business, Special Need Services / IEPs, Veterans, Unity and Women’s Rights.

Affordable Housing

Across the district, both property owners and renters are being priced out. Homeowners face rising property taxes which are often passed on to renters. Families who have lived in Southern Brooklyn for generations are forced to choose between leaving their families and neighbors or paying unsustainable housing costs. Amber knows this and will fight for our families to be able to stay together. For renters, she will continue to advocate for tenant rights. She will also fight to ensure that building residents are given the right to expand as they grow their family. This could mean as they have children or as a relative, such as a parent, needs to move in to be taken care of. For homeowners, Amber knows the hard work that goes into a home purchase and she wants to make ensure that residents are always able to stay in their homes. Amber will expand the reach of the current property tax workshops which have successfully saved many people money in the area. Amber will also fight for the ability to deduct a portion the costs for security upgrades such as lighting and security cameras. This benefits both the homeowner and their neighbors as well.


Access to affordable childcare is crucial for New York City to reopen and weather future crises. Amber is calling for the expansion of 3K and Universal Pre Kindergarten. She will to fight to secure these resources and save parents an average of $20,000 per child over the two year period of these programs.

Childcare is how we both stabilize and maintain our economy. Amber will cut red-tape around space limitations and help local daycare and playgroup leaders qualify to provide these services. This measure will not only benefit our children but also expand opportunities for women in business.

Amber is also calling for Summer Camp for all Children ages 5- 13 and expanded opportunities for participating in the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).

Additionally, Amber will fight for the strategic expansion of after school childcare services at both public and private schools. Too many parents, especially women, are forced out of their career because childcare costs are too high. Amber wants to end the cycle that works against women in the workplace, by making sure quality childcare is accessible to all.

Covid-19 Recovery

We must prioritize public health by implementing structures that safeguard our community’s physical, emotional and economic health. Amber will ensure that all schools have access to a nurse since many children lack consistent access to a healthcare provider. We must also expand access to and the effectiveness of New York’s mental health hotline. Finally, we need to expand New York City’s housing relief program to also cover up to $10,000 in mortgage payments for those financially impacted by Covid-19.

Disability Access

From uneven sidewalks to narrow doorways leading to local groceries and pharmacies, it is still hard for people with a disability to access many locations. Amber wants to focus on fine tuning our areas ability to accommodate the personal mobility needs of the disabled. She also wants to work with local businesses to ensure that they are able to make accommodations in an economically sustainable way.

Education (K-12)

Equity must be at the center of education. To this end, we must start by expanding 3-K and Universal Pre-K access. Students also need additional one on one time with teachers to prevent them from falling behind. Social workers are vital to spur emotional growth. We need both social workers and school safety officers. Lastly, New York needs to keep expanding experience based learning opportunities and gifted and talented programs to offer students a full education.

Educational Advancement

New York City must be on the forefront of helping students begin their professional career while still in high school by allowing students to learn trades skills and earn program certificates. Amber will also push New York City to include crucial financial literacy skills in its curriculum.


Amber believes in the importance of sustainability. She will support policy that maintains our local environment while preparing for a changing world. Amber will advocate for the integrity of our district’s waterfront areas and advance proactive protections for future super-storms. Amber will also push the city to expedite cleanup efforts in the bay.

Hate Crimes

Amber Adler is a fixture in the fight against anti-semitism, hate and bigotry. She has worked in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes and received a proclamation from the New York State Assembly for her continued efforts fighting hate and bigotry. Once elected, Amber would like to allocate funding to support community organizations which aim to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work together to solve a shared problem.

Health Care

As the daughter of a nurse, Amber saw firsthand the failings of our healthcare system. Amber believes all people should have equal access to resources and will increase the number of mobile health centers which provide crucial services such as free cholesterol and glucose screenings, mammograms, prostate screenings, flu shots. Amber will also advocate to ensure that the eventual Covid-19 vaccine is distributed equitably to her constituents.

Immigrant Services

Amber has been at the forefront of developing new strategies for engaging our immigrant neighbors who our city government so often fails to reach. She aims to make sure that Southern Brooklyn immigrants have the best access to immigration resources. Amber will also focus on crafting new strategies for disseminating information to people unaware of the local resources. She will also focus on breaking language barriers by accommodating residents with information in their native language.


The ability to secure and maintain employment is vital. Amber is committed to using her district office to provide assistance with professional development. Additionally, once elected, Amber will expand internship opportunities to young people who often struggle to find employment that will lead to long-term professional development

Quality of Life

Amber will fight to further expand resources that improve quality of life throughout the district. She knows that clean streets are healthy streets and will work with sanitation to keep our district in upstanding condition. She also would like to add additional trees to provide more shaded areas while improving air quality. Amber will also advocate for free additional community events such as movie nights, roller skating, festivals, street fairs and more.

Safe Streets

Cars, trains, buses, bikes, scooters, and walkers are all pieces of our district’s transportation puzzle. We need to advance a system of transportation equity which supports all New Yorkers, regardless of how they choose to travel. Amber fought against the removal of parking spaces on Kings Highway and will fight to maintain and work to identify locations for additional diagonal parking spaces to be added across the district. Amber also knows the vital necessity of having an elevator at every train station and supports both the Fair Fares program and Metro Cards for Students. Lastly, as the survivor of a car crash, Amber knows we must hold reckless drivers accountable.


Amber knows how important seniors are to their families and to our community. She believes seniors deserve to live well, age in dignity and with peace of mind. Amber plans to heavily support senior centers, senior transportation services and home delivery food resources. She will also fight elder abuse by supporting policy that stops seniors from being neglected or financially abused.

Small Business

Small business is what makes our neighborhoods shine. Amber will work with business development areas to support initiatives and community activities which will help promote local businesses. Amber supports Covid-19 relief efforts for small business owners and wants to keep businesses afloat through these challenging times.

Special Need Services / IEPs

Amber is the mother of two children with an IEP. She understands the vital need for a streamlined process that provides services in a timely manner. She has advocated on the steps of City Hall for the needs of children receiving services. And, she is prepared to work to improve the current process by shortening the time between requests for service and service provided.


As the daughter of a veteran, Amber is deeply concerned for the needs of our heroic community members. Veterans have transferable skills, and they should be able to utilize these skills in our community. Their efforts to integrate into civilian life should be met with dignified and respectful assistance. All veterans should have access to first-rate healthcare and other vital resources.


Unity and community go hand in hand. To achieve unity, we must seek opportunities to connect. Amber knows that interactive learning and working together is the most successful way to steer clear of hate and bigotry. She has been inspiring people with her own interfaith community endeavors and dialogues for years. Her relationships with cultural communities across the district provide the perfect route to achieve unity in our community.

Women’s Rights

There is still more to be done in the fight to achieve equal pay for equal work. Amber will fight hard because she knows what it means to hit glass ceilings because she has experienced this problem firsthand. Amber will also work to advance family leave. Amber will take a stand against domestic violence and pledges to always be available to provide resources which empower women economically and socially.