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Amber Adler works to alleviate poverty by providing resources to Southern Brooklyn residents in need. Amber distributes food to over 1,500 people per month. She is the Chair of Neighborhood Advisory Board 15, where she spearheads the allocation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federally funded contracts. These monies are focused on alleviating poverty in the areas of Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, Plumb Beach, Manhattan Beach and Gravesend.

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Amber Adler is a fixture in the fight against antisemitism, hate and bigotry. In 2019, she helped secure approximately $170,000 in funding from the City of New York to educate public school students on the atrocities of the Holocaust in an effort to combat modern day antisemitism. She was honored with a Proclamation from the New York State Assembly for this and other efforts in which she provided vital resources and strengthened the community.

“I have been and I am going to continue to be, here for us.”

Amber Adler, Candidate for New York City Council

As COVID-19 surged in New York City, a PPE shortage left both essential workers and area residents unable to protect themselves. Amber Adler secured 1,000’s of surgical masks and donated them to both front line workers and to area residents. She also distributed 1000s of boxes of food, provided school supplies to 100 local school age children, did weekly wellness calls to senior citizens and teamed up with a local restaurant to bring dinner to essential workers. She also launched a multi-language education-based campaign to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Here for Us

I am running for office to give back to the community that has given to me.

I have been a single mother for many years. I have experienced one hardship after another. I was in a car crash and lost my job because I needed to recover from the injuries. I had to learn how to ask for help. During my recovery, my grandmother and personal pillar of strength passed away. Simultaneously, I was balancing the special needs of my children. It was these and other hardships that taught me how to find and navigate the available resources in my community.

Thank G-d, the community was there to support me. Thanks to local organizations, the efforts of other community leaders and the compassionate support of friends and neighbors I was able to get back on my feet.

Last year, I spent over 1,500 hours helping the community. This year, I am seeking your support to do much more. Elect me as your next New York City Council member because I am HERE FOR US.

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